15 Presents For That Kids Bunk Bed Lover In Your Life

Bunk Beds With Ladders and Slides Whether you're outfitting rooms for siblings or maximizing your floor space, or accommodating a full brood, bunk beds can make great use of small spaces. Keep an eye out for things such as stairs that extend out or angled ladders, slides and angled ones. It's not a good idea to hang anything on the top bunk since it could pose strangulation risk. Ladders It isn't easy for adults and kids to climb up into the top bunk. While some might be tempted to simply climb up, this can be a risk of falling and is a risk for children, people with joint problems or who are older. Ladders can be a great option to eliminate this issue and provide a secure easy, comfortable and easy to climb entry point for kids. There are many ladder options for bunk beds for children including straight and angled ladders. Straight ladders connect directly to the frame of the bunk bed while an angled ladder is positioned slightly from the bed's side. Angled ladders work well in small spaces and are suitable for all ages, as they give more space for the feet when climbing up. They also come in a variety of styles and colors so you can choose one that matches the style of your room or matches the color scheme of your bunk. Another alternative is to choose bunk beds with stairs at the end of the bunk. Stairs take up more floor space than a ladder, but do not protrude from the bunk's side therefore they are a great option for rooms with plenty of floor space. Many bunk beds for kids include storage cubbies. They are perfect for toys, books, and pajamas. If you're looking to save money straight staircases are an option that is less expensive for bunk beds. While it may not be as luxurious as a stair set a straight ladder is still solid and safe enough for children of all age groups to use. Stairs, on the other hand, are a bit more expensive but they are also extremely versatile and can be used by children of all ages as they grow up. The ladder can be moved to the end of the bunk bed. This minimalist design is aimed at tweens, teens and young adults. kids bunk beds for sale is available in all Maxtrix bunk sizes and heights including twin over twin Full over full, queen over queen and queen over queen. Slides Bunk beds with slide make for a fun addition to the bedtime routine. Not only do kids enjoy climbing the ladder and down the slide and down the slide, but bunk beds with slides give parents peace of mind knowing that their children are safe in bed at night. These beds are great for children who have trouble sleeping on higher levels. They can also be a great way for older children to get into bed. When you are choosing a bunk that has a slide, think about the dimensions of the room as well as any furniture in it. Some beds, like the Casey Chestnut Kids Bunk Bed with Slide and Ladder are perpendicular and require more space than other styles of bunk beds. The bed is equipped with a slide and ladder that allows for easy access to top bunk. The Billi-Bolli Slide Tower is another option for adding a slides to a bunkbed. The Tower can be put on the shorter side of a bunk bed to reduce the space depth needed for a bed with slide. It can be reduced by 70cm according to the height of the bed. This allows you to put a slide for your kids into rooms that wouldn't normally be suitable for this type of bed. You can pick low loft beds that have slides, in addition to bunks with a slide. These beds are perfect for small bedrooms, as they are more spacious for storage and play. They can also be transformed into a twin-over-full-full bunk bed with a trundle to accommodate two more children for sleepovers. The cute bunk bed with slide that you purchase can be converted into any Maxtrix model as your child grows and develops. In terms of safety, it's important to follow the guidelines for bunk beds that have slides, as well as all kinds of loft beds for children. Be sure to mount the slide on a level surface, and away from other structures in the bedroom. It's also recommended that you be sure to supervise your children when playing on the slide, as it can be hazardous in the event of a fall. Storage Many loft and bunk beds have drawers that are integrated to offer a convenient storage solution for bedding, clothing toys, and more. A good bunk bed can make the most of space in a smaller space or make it easier to organize your child's bedroom. Drawers built into the stairs combine safety and creativity and allow children to securely access their top bunk while keeping clothes and toys organized. They can also serve as an attractive, fun accent for your kids' bedroom, adding to the appeal of the room. Some bunk beds with stairs are also adjustable which means you can adjust the amount of space according to your family's needs. Some bunk and loft beds come with curtains that allow kids to feel like they have their own space, even if they're sharing the same room. If your kids love to read and dream in tranquility, this feature could be a great benefit. You can purchase bunk and loft sets that feature curtains or curtain rods, or simple drapes to create the appearance yourself. If your kids are begging to sleep in bunk beds but you don't have the floor space to accommodate two raised beds, consider a corner loft or twin loft. This design places two elevated beds in the corner of the room. It frees the floor space to accommodate other furniture like a desk or a toy chest or a desk. Bunk beds that have desks transform sleeping spaces into cozy study areas. These beds are ideal for children who need an area to work in peace, do their homework or play games. Certain models, like the Slam bunk bed from Maxtrix offers a solid wooden desk that comes with a bookcase to match which allows you to easily carve out a dedicated workspace in your kid's room. Some lofts and bunk beds include a desk at the bottom. This is ideal for younger children who want their own space to write, read or make crafts. This can be an excellent way to encourage creative thinking and learning in your children's rooms while helping them develop valuable organizational skills. Style The dimensions of your bedroom and the sleeping habits of your child will determine the best style of bunk bed for your children. If you're living in a cramped space, consider a twin-over-twin arrangement that helps save floor space while still offering both children the pleasure of sleeping together in a high position. If you have taller ceilings, consider an angled bunk like the one shown here. The ladder is kept at the end, and leaves the top bunk bed open. This makes it easier for children to climb up and back down without crashing into their heads. A full-over-full configuration is another option for rooms with more space. It provides more storage by way of a deep drawer on the bottom and allows older children to sleep on the higher level without feeling like they're being pushed out by their younger siblings. These bunk beds typically have a ladder on the side or a staircase that provides hidden storage for toys and books, as well as a strong slatted railing for safety. If you're looking to keep the design of your bunks simple, opt for a plain solid color such as white or gray. These finishes blend in with the majority of kids' rooms regardless of whether they're a coastal, cottage or colorful palette. If you're looking for something that's more eye-catching wood finishes like walnut or cherry is an option. It adds warmth to rooms that are rustic or inspired by farmhouse, while still providing plenty of visual contrast through bright colors. Kids love decorating their bedrooms, and bunk beds provide a chance to show their creative side. Bunks with slides can be the centerpiece of a fun, functional bedroom for kids. The slide will provide hours of entertainment for your kids as they glide down with their pals or send their favorite plush animal on rides. You could consider a bunk bed similar to this one, from Furniture Row, with a colored stairwell. The railings for the stairway are available in blue, red and green and comes with a set of three bunk beds that are color-matched. The staircase has shelves built in for books and other items. This makes sure that the beds are clean and uncluttered.